About Rob Reedy

(audio updated and cleaned up 7/7/20016)

For years, people have come up to me… perfect strangers, and told me “God, you have ‘That voice’ …” and while I try to be humble and thank them for their compliments; I also reflect on the fact that it IS a “God given talent” for which I am very thankful.

Over the years, and through many careers, I have used my voice in many talented ways:

  • In High School, I was a thespian, acting in dramatic, comedy and musical theater productions.
  • I used my voice as an NCO Staff Sargent in the Air Force for 12 years.
  • I was an Air Traffic Controller in Chicago for 10 years.
  • I did voice overs for computer based training while working as an Instructional Designer for 14 years.
  • I worked in Tech Support and Customer Service roles for 10 years, being the voice of comfort and reassurance for people calling in with anger and frustration, but by the time I finished, I seldom hung up on anything but happy friendly people.

But now is the time to step up and fulfill the role I know I was meant to… to be the voice that is recognized and respected. To entertain, amuse, represent and take joy in people saying “I know that voice.”

You know those types of voices… all you need to do is think of such names as James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Michael Cain, Dennis Haysbert (he’s that Allstate guy) and so many more. They too have “That Voice” that’s pleasing to the ear in their own way. The way that you immediately recognize it and say to yourself “I know that voice.”

Now, I don’t claim to have the star power that these accomplished and professional actors do (NOT YET), but even at my spry young age, I can aspire to achieve… and people tell me “You should do something with that voice.”

So Here I go….

So you want to see who I am? Here ya go…. check this…